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(Still in Print)

The Official Overstreet Indian Arrowhead Identification and Price Guide – 15th Edition

2019 • Softcover • 1,120 pages • B&W with color sections

With 14 previous editions written by a host of editors and advisors over the years and with much new information now available, the publisher decided it was time for an overhaul. Working with the Museum of Native American History; Steven Cooper, Matt Rowe and Jim Bennett were tasked with the collaborative effort of creating the 15th edition. Matt Rowe provided his expertise on typology, and Jim Bennett reviewed, verified and updated the grades and values. This book is still in print and is available from the publisher at




(Out of Print)

Indian Artifacts of Ancient Ohio

2014 • Hardcover • 333 pages • Full color

Limited edition of only 300 signed and numbered books focusing on the Ohio collection of the late noted collector William Curly Platt. The Platt collection sold through a series of auctions by Bennett’s Artifact Auctions, LLC. Included is the Platt artifacts catalog, a chapter on the excavation of the Byler Mound, and hundreds of color photos showing the artifacts in the collection and their respective auction prices.

Collecting Ancient Indian Artifacts – Vol. 2

2010 • Hardcover • 239 pages • Full Cover

Published by Schroeder’s Publishing, this book focuses on collecting ancient American flint weapons and tools. It serves as an identification and price guide, and with the use of hundreds of color photos, different types of artifacts from many collections around the country are shown with their respective values at the time of publication.

The Lar Hothem Collection & Sale

2009 • Softcover • 286 pages • Full color

This book is a limited-edition printing of only 300 books. Written and assembled by Jim Bennett and Keith Ray to document the collection and sale of the artifacts (mostly midwestern) that were part of the collection of the late noted author Lar Hothem which sold through Bennett’s Artifact Auctions, LLC.  It includes the original sales catalogs and auction results as well as individual photos of the items from that collection.

Indian Bannerstones and Related Artifacts

2009 • Hardcover • 208 pages • Full color

This book is a collaborative effort between the late noted author and artifact collector Lar Hothem, and Jim Bennett.  After Mr. Hothem’s passing, Collectors Book Publishing and Sue Hothem contacted Jim Bennett with a proposal to complete a book Mr. Hothem had started, but was not able to finish.  Using Lar’s notes, outline and many of the photos he had acquired, Mr. Bennett wrote the manuscript, adding in the additional photos and research that was necessary for completion. This identification and price guide discusses the various types of bannerstones and other atl-atl components from many different collections, and their values at the time of publishing

Collecting Ancient Indian Artifacts – Vol. 1

2008 • Hardcover • 254 pages • Full Color  

Published by Shroeder’s Publishing, this book is an introductory reference and price guide for newer collectors of ancient Indian artifacts. Chapters cover the history of man in North American, and the weapons, tools and ornaments he left behind.

Authenticating Ancient Indian Artifacts

2008 • Hardcover • 240 pages • Full Color

Collector’s Book Publishing asked Jim Bennett to combine the two (above listed) books into one volume with updated information and photos on the topic of how to recognize reproduction and altered artifacts. This book is the result of that project.

Relics & Reproductions: Identifying Reproduction and Altered Ancient American Artifacts

2003 • Softcover • 352 pages • Full color

Author Jim Bennett’s first book which focuses on how to discern authentic artifacts from those which are modern reproductions, or have been modernly altered. The use of magnification and what collectors should look for is written in an understandable manner.  The topics are assisted by the use of hundreds of full color photos – many of which are highly detailed digital microscope photos.