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Bennett’s Guide to Avoiding Reproduction & Altered Ancient Indian Arrowheads

2019  •  Softcover  • 368 pages  •   Full color

In an updated continuation of the previously written books by Mr. Bennett on the use of magnification to identify reproduction artifacts, this book begins with how to select the correct stereoscope equipment for inspection.  It continues with how to identify the positive traits of authenticity, as well as the negative traits that indication recent manufacture.  Hundreds of never used photos and microscopic images compliment the updated text on the topic.

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The Collection of David Leigh Root – Vol. 1

2021   •   Hardcover  • 304 pages  • Full color • Limited Edition print run – only 350

This is the first of a 5 volume set documenting the incredible relics in the David Leigh Root collection.  This limited edition set will serve as a great typology reference and artifact price guide for ancient artifacts, especially slate relics. Featuring hundreds of high quality photographs, this volume includes all of the artifacts from the Root collection that sold through Premiere Auctions Group in 2019-2020.  Additional volumes in this series will come one per year beginning in 2022. Written and edited by Jim Bennett, Vanessa Sanders and Elizabeth Banks with photography by Vanessa Sanders and Angela McIntire.

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Indian Artifacts of Ancient Ohio

2014 • Hardcover • 333 pages • Full color

Limited edition print run of only 300 signed and numbered books focusing on the Ohio collection of the late noted collector William Curly Platt. The Platt collection sold through a series of auctions by Bennett’s Artifact Auctions, LLC.  Included is the Platt artifacts catalog, a chapter on the excavation of the Byler Mound, and hundreds of color photos showing the artifacts in the collection and their respective auction prices.

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Identifying Altered Ancient Flint Artifacts

2004 • Softcover • 208 pages • Full color

This is the second book in the Relics & Reproductions series, covering the topics involving evaluating prehistoric American flint artifacts for modern rechipping, ancient resharpening and ancient salvage.  Hundreds of color photos and images are used in conjunction with understandable explanations of the topics covered..

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